The uniqueness of Christianity in a pluralist society (Video)

Presented by Peter Corney for the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia – 2004.

This lecture was designed for Christian university students to introduce them to the concept of world views and to help them enter into dialogue with fellow students on Christianity. It discusses the development of western world views and the influence of Christianity, how these have changed and the significance of this for evangelism today.

It can be used as a discussion starter for student Christian groups on campus or the local church. A PDF of discussion notes can also be downloaded.

(Total length: 58min48s — because YouTube videos have a maximum length of 10min per clip, this video has been divided into multiple parts)

Part 1 (9min36s)

Part 2 (9min18s)

Part 3 (9min22s)

Part 4 (9min54s)

Part 5 (9min28s)

Part 6 (7min31s)

Part 7 (3min35s)