A Christmas Reflection by Peter Corney

A Christmas reflection

Two biblical and theological truths form the foundation for the Christian, and the origin of the Western belief, in the sacredness and infinite value of every person, and therefore why they should be treated with great respect, dignity, love, and justice.  These two truths are: (1) That Genesis 1:26-27  tells that we are created by God in his “image and likeness.” (2) That the Gospels tell us that Jesus is the incarnation of God, that God has come among us in human flesh in the birth of Christ, to redeem us from our fallen natures and bring us back to him. John 1: 1-14 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God….. and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… full of grace and truth.” These great truths we celebrate at Christmas.

Dorothy Sayers in her wonderful radio play called “The Man Born to be King”, written and performed on BBC radio in 1941/2 during the 2ndWW and the intensive bombing of London and other UK cities has a wonderful scene. The three Wise men after visiting the Christ child and presenting their gifts are back in their tent reflecting on their experience. One of them says, “I looked at the child and all about him lay the shadow of death, and yet all within him was the light of life, and I knew that I stood in the presence of the Mortal- immortal that is the last secret of the universe.” Inspired words!

May we worship this Christmas the man born to be King who “is the last secret of the universe.”

Peter Corney Christmas 2021.