Managing Change in your Local Church (Video)

Presented by Peter Corney for the Institute for Contemporary Christian Leadership.

This video presentation describes the dynamics of change, particularly in  a conservative organisation like the local church and how to manage it constructively. It could be used as a basis for discussion about change with a local church lay council or for discussion and training with ministers. You could use the breaks between each part as a time for discussion in groups.

(Total length: 23min45s – because YouTube videos have a maximum length of 10min per clip, this video has been divided into 3 parts)

Part 1 (8min34s) Deals with the extent and pace of change today and the question of what we should preserve and what we should adjust to – the tension between continuity and relevance. The inevitability of change, the gospel and change and the dynamics of change.

Part 2 (9min38s) Presents a series of practical clues for managing change. Different models and approaches. A series of key principles and guidelines for running meetings to discuss changes.

Part 3 (5min33s) Key principles continued. The overiding principle of submitting  all methods and structures to our Christ given mission.